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Friday, November 21, 2008

Putting on the lights...setting up shop

Hello...Thank for making room for me. I am just trying to get settled and get my bearings on what the whole idea of a blog is. but given my relative comfort with rambling I should get the hang of it pretty quickly.

So, about the jewelry:..I have been tinkering with and refashioning jewelry since I could wield a tool - or since I had teeth; my first real tools. I have always had a "box" of components that I could go to to re-assemble and rework what I had - you know - stuff from Great Aunties, and the cracks in the sidewalk, dug up in the garden, found at the bottom of Mom's purse. Shiny stuff. I am like a crow. But in all of this, there has been a style that emerged..and I don't have normal terms to explain it, so here's my best attempt. It has something to do with flow, and brightness and punctuation. I like a decoration that hangs or pops! I want something with a brightness and a clarity...and some history or meaning. I don't buy parts and pieces (buttons or beads...or metals) from anyone who doesn't have a story, or who I don't have a story with. I have to have a connection. it took me a little while to realize this..and I sadly had too many attempts at buying junk with no soul. it's not worth it. I don't like what I create, and If I would' use it to decorated myself...I don't want anyone else to have it either. Because jewelry...and decorating.. is about the story - our investment in what it is. We were it because it makes us nostalgic, or it has a personal element. I don't care how much it costs...but it has to come with a soul. That's worth almost any price.

Recently, in terms of Decoration this is what I am working on:

Earrings: Drapers (chain with Baubles or buttons or Czech flowers) - always with a sterling or Gold-filled wire on hand forged ear wires. I make each wire by hand - no jigs, just my hands and plies and force. They are unique and never worn before they are sold.

Rocket Rings: Lucite or Vintage-inspired plastic button wired into rings with galvanized steel, sterling silver, gold filed wire, copper, aluminum and some german wires in differnt, funky colors.

Antique Button rings: I find antique buttons all over the state...and in my personal collection inherited from my dear Great Auntie Doris. I wrap these beauties into rings, too. These are often from the 19th century and carry some good weight in terms of history.

Button Bangles; Bracelets made from Antique Button with long shanks. Threaded on Gold filled or Silver memory wire...elegant and bold.

Drapers: Long necklaces with unusual and classic accents.

Beaded Baubles; Traditional Glass, gemstones and pearl beadwork: Necklaces, earrings, bracelets and some rings.

My storefront is on Etsy at esightler@etsy.com. A wonderful website that sells handmade items from the handmade community of the world.

I am having a sale starting soon... if you are interested in receiving the information lease sen me your email address and I will add you to the distribution list...the only way to take part in the sale is to receive my emails...so sign up!