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Thursday, May 7, 2009

nesting and gardening...and smelling the blooms

A very cool
local online magazine called "Phoebe" ran a nice article about esightler Jewelry...care to read it? It's here at: http://www.phoebemag.com/Issue2.html...If you don't want to read about esightler Jewelry check out the very hot pictures of Myra Flynn modeling local threads and the Roller Derby Girls kicking each others arses...I think that I have a new career in mind. It's not modeling. Recent work is mostly about nestbuilding: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=24706655 and the Garden series of rings: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=24511486).. I have becomes fully fixated on making little "nests" in rings, necklaces, something to set on the windowsill or to carry in your pocket...or put under the pillow...Actually, don't put them under your pillow...even though they are tightly woven they're still a little pokey. I have been making several of these for mom's with their childrens' birthstone colors represented in freshwater pearl eggs. For those of you who have walked along with me in this life for some time the "egg" theme has been with me for awhile (like, since I hatched...) Anyone remember the art show at The Daily Planet with the painting of "Jen's Egg?" (named by my friend Jen and featured in Seven days). How strange and comfortable to have it be reincarnated in this new medium. I have also been sending monthly jewelry shipments to Savannah, Georgia, where a dear friend from forever is selling my baubles in her boutique/salon on Forsythe Park. The salon is called "Park West". If you are nearby stop in and see Kim Cabrera - or look for her and the salon on TV. Her salon employs "Ruby", a woman whose life and weight loss is being documented on the Style Network. Kim is also going to be in another reality show, a salon v. salon type show...hard to imagine her doing anything other than being a rocking roller derby girl (see above). The spring - a wet one over in here in Burlington - is smelling all musty, lusty and bloomy...that early morning east smell of the world yawning and scratching off the sleep. Perfect for winding found shiny wires and pearls into something new. What are you doing to wake up?