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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Green glowing things

Seeing Avatar makes me think about those green glowing things that we have here on our - still very nice - planet earth....I used some Christian Dior cabochons and Lucite and Czech glass flowers to make one-of-a-kind earposts and hairpins in greens and bright colors - with lots of shiny confetti. I also have some *new* Lucite that have been using to make wonderfully bright, swinging earrings. I do feel spring in the air, and I do appreciate our real 3D world. Although I do want to take me next vacation as an Avatar.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


The nautilus form is - for me - a classic. It is for a lot of people, actually as it's seen from our universe: think galaxies to the tiny; think ancient snail shells:

This is a fossil from up here in Vermont. It's a 30 million year old Nautilus shell - embedded in a coral reef...in the middle of Vermont. Just in case you are not sure, there are NO OCEANS in Vermont!

After the summer camping trip I was invited to show my couture designs at a fashion show here on Church Street - the Manhattan of Burlington, VT. Big Fish, small pond. This is a necklace I designed for the occasion:

And lately I have become more and more wild about this form. My swirled earrings: some with changeable dangles, some left simple and others with loops. they are each hand-formed with sterling or gold-filled wire. I offer these as supplies and as a part of other sets or designs.

Life is better swirled and decorated!