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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Red, Red, Red

These days when I see red - instead of just feeling all fiery and irrational - I feel inspired and excited. My favorite way to work with red is to keep it in it's element, meaning: undiluted and the star of the show. I think red stands alone better than any color. When I do combine it I do it with something simple...

My Ming Tower is a demi-parure of earrings and pendant necklace: oxidized sterling with red bamboo roundels and simple handmade sterling silver wire. Red and gunmetal gray.

Leather designs - jewelry and clothes - are edgy, sexy and a little tough: my handmade red leather cuffs are handcut italian leather and finished with a simple button of mother of pearl. My red Corset Ring is the same leather that is cross-stitched with waxed twine (made to size and very sexy) and comfortable. Wearing leather - any time of year - shows you're a little different than the rest of the crowd. A little more cool.

Last week you saw our eggs, the nests, the boiling sap, the Vermont Spring and this week...a little more springiness: Male Cardinals. The lampworked glass bright Red Cardinal earrings hang from brass earwires...and are about an inch long. Pretty - but even more importantly - a lot of fun. I love the spring. Are you interested in bird earrings but not a fan of cardinals (or red)? I have blue-birds, doves and a flock of brass sparrows all ready for flight.

By the way - the geese are finally flying north - I see them flying over the lake and hear them at night - far away and very high, but distinct. I don't have any geese earrings, by the way. That would be...weird. They are pretty - and sometimes haunting - in the sky, but not very graceful hanging from the ear. Looking for something more sedentary?...Here's another little nest ring. Red glass pearls...made to order in your size in sterling silver. http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=42877829
Ripe, red, spring. Life is better decorated.

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Adventuress said...

Love, love, love the red stuff! And by the way, love your photography too!